What Are Some Advantages to Waiting to Have Children?

One benefit of waiting to have children is that older parents often have more career success behind them, affording them greater financial security, according to The Dr. Oz Show. Older parents are also likely to be more emotionally stable and psychologically strong, claims Parenting.com. Furthermore, many older parents are extremely grateful for their parenthood, having potentially struggled with fertility issues or health risks that made pregnancy more complicated.

Although later maternity is associated with several heightened health risks, there is also some evidence that it can provide health benefits in other areas, explains The Dr. Oz Show. A 2007 study in California suggested that older moms who breastfeed have a lower risk of developing breast cancer later in life. While there is also research indicating women who delay having their first children until their 30s have a greater chance of developing breast cancer, the 2007 study found that this heightened risk applies only to mothers who do not breastfeed. There was also a 2009 study in Utah that found a correlation between older motherhood and longer life expectancy.

Additionally, a 2007 study at the University of California indicated that mothers who give birth after the age of 50 are just as capable of handling the stresses of parenthood as moms in their 30s, states The Dr. Oz Show. The study did not find any evidence that the older women were any less physically or emotionally capable of taking care of their children.