What Are Some Facts About Adoption in Wisconsin?


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Like many states, Older children waiting to be adopted in the state of Wisconsin have a significantly less chance of being adopted than younger children. Wisconsin also sees a much higher rate of African-American children waiting to be adopted than any other race.

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In 2012, 733 children were adopted from foster care in Wisconsin, with another 1,129 children in Wisconsin foster care waiting to be adopted. This particular balance still holds, and is predicted to remain for many more years due to low adoption rates. Being in the foster care system was designed to be short term, but many Wisconsin children remain in the system without a stable family for years, resulting in emotional stability issues including trust issues and an intense fear of abandonment.

To shorten the time children spend in foster care, child welfare agencies were ordered to first work to ensure that any children who could return safely home were allowed to do so, as long as one of the parents was stable enough to regain custody. Regarding the children who were not in a stable enough environment to return home, agencies had to use tools available to find a permanent family as quickly as possible to avoid any emotional issues that could arise.

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