How Do You Find Adoption Records in Massachusetts?


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Adoption records in Massachusetts are only available to adult adoptees or guardians of adopted children with a certified court order. However, if the child was adopted through a placement agency, certain pieces of information are available to the adoptee, adopted parents and birth parents.

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With a written request, placement agencies in Massachusetts can release non-identifying information, facts about the adopted child or names birth parents if this information does not reveal names or places where they lived. Non-identifying information usually includes medical, socioeconomic, educational and ethnic data. The agency can also release additional non-identifying information that it deems in the best interest of the requesting party.

If a birth parent and an adoptee or their guardians provide permission in writing, the agency can reveal the names and locations of the adoptee and the birth parent. Any information about a third party is still confidential, as well as other information about the adoption.

Other options are available to find additional information about adoptees or their birth families. A variety of search registries online help match birth families with adult adoptees. Once a person is registered, he can search the other registrants through a series of defined search criteria. Most registries are free.

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