What is an adoption database?


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An adoption database is a collection of personal information contact information from mothers, fathers, children and other relatives who want to search for a biological family member. Profile information in an adoption database might include names, surnames and any geographic locations involved in the adoption, and profiles often include a description of the person the registrant hopes to find.

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A person joins an adoption database voluntarily. An adopted person might join an adoption database if he wants to find a biological parent. Biological family members might join a database if they want to find information about an adopted individual or the person's adoptive family. In a profile, a person may include his name, contact information, the time and place of the adoption, and a photograph of the adopted person or his parents. In most cases, the individual user controls what specific information he includes in his entry in the database.

Administrators of an adoption database allow registrants to search the database using a number of criteria including dates, locations and names involved in an adoption. Most databases allow for direct contact between participants via email. Some adoption databases charge a fee, while others operate free of charge. Each member of the database also chooses whether to respond to contact from an individual in response to his profile.

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