How Do You Find Adopted Children?

How Do You Find Adopted Children?

Searching for adopted children may be more difficult than the process of adopted children searching for birth parents. Birth relatives must cooperate with their state's laws, adoption agency rules, adoptive parents and the adopted child. There are a few ways to attempt finding adopted children.

  1. Register with a state registry

    Birth relatives of an adopted child can register with their state. If the adopted child consents to contact, the birth relatives will be contacted with information about the adopted child.

  2. Petition the courts for contact

    A confidential intermediary can be appointed to a birth relative's case to access files and request contact with the adopted child.

  3. Ask about post-adoption services

    If the birth relatives know the adoption agency through which the child was adopted, they can ask the agency about post-adoption services. These services may help with the search for the adopted child.

  4. Find a support group

    It's highly suggested that those looking for an adopted child join a support group. The process of finding an adopted child can be tough both emotionally and financially. If a search fails or the adopted child does not consent to contact, the birth relative may need to find a community of others in similar situations.