How Do You Adopt a Newborn?


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You can adopt newborns both internationally, through agencies such as Wasatch International Adoption, and domestically, through private or state agencies. International adoptions can take years, so adoption of infants can be challenging. Domestic adoptions of newborns can occur as early as directly from the hospital after birth.

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How Do You Adopt a Newborn?
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For any adoption, first submit an application to an adoption agency. Many agencies, such as Wasatch International Adoption or Heartsent Adoptions, offer services for both international and domestic adoptions. Each agency typically has specific countries from which one can adopt a child. Most often agencies work with countries that have favorable adoption policies, such as Ukraine, Haiti, Ethiopia and China.

After applying to an adoption agency, adoptive parents often complete training classes and undergo a home study by the agency. Following approval, prospective parents can view waiting children or create a profile viewable by birth parents looking to give up their child. Domestic adoptions often allow for birth parents to select adoptive parents prior to the birth of the child.

Cost is an important factor to consider in adoption. Private agencies require adoptive parents to pay legal fees, home study costs and agency fees in addition to any travel expenses or government fees. Adoption through a state agency is usually free to the adoptive parents, but newborns involved with the state's agency for children and families are often coming from abusive or neglectful situations and may suffer from significant medical problems.

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