How Do You Adopt a Child in Washington?


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To adopt a child in Washington, submit a formal application, complete an adoption home study, receive an adoptive placement and legalize the adoption. It is common for the adoption process to take a period of about 1 year, notes AdoptUSKids.

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Before deciding to adopt a child in Washington, be sure to consult other family members and get their input on the matter. Choose an adoption agency to learn more about the basic requirements for a successful adoption. Below are some of the most important steps in adopting a child.

  1. Submit an application
  2. Choose an adoption agency to initiate the adoption process. The agency will provide guidance on how to fill out the adoption form. Enter all details, submit the application and wait for feedback.

  3. Be ready for a home study
  4. Prepare for a home study that will be conducted by a caseworker, usually under the authority of the Washington Department of Health and Human Services, states the Northwest Adoption Exchange. The home will be evaluated for its suitability to host a new child. Having the child's room ready and even getting some toys may be a good way to show preparedness.

  5. Receive an adoptive placement
  6. An adoptive placement is approved if the caseworkers determine suitability after matching a child's needs to the adopting family's.

  7. Legalize the adoption
  8. Attend the court meeting as instructed and have the adoption legalized through a judicial process.

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