How Do You Adopt a Child in South Carolina?

How Do You Adopt a Child in South Carolina?

To adopt a child in South Carolina, make a formal application, complete a home study, get approved and legalize the adoption. Be sure to consult family members and other experts regarding adoption before initiating the process.

Adopting a child in the United States takes an estimated 12 months from the time of application to approval. Researching diligently before beginning the process of adoption is key to success. Research can be done by consulting people who have successfully adopted, relevant government departments and online resources. To adopt a child in South Carolina, do the following.

  1. Contact an adoption agency
  2. Get in touch with any reputable adoption agency. This will shed some light regarding all the requirements necessary for adoption. The agency will assist in making a formal application for adoption.

  3. Accept a home study
  4. After formal application and assessment, the adoption agency must send an expert to assess the home. Houses with little or no hazards and neat planning often get approved.

  5. Get matched with a child or children
  6. After successful completion of the home study and other background information verification, the agency is likely to match the adopting family with a child or children, depending on the formal application.

  7. Legalize the adoption
  8. After approval and child matching, the process enters the judicial phase. This is where the adoption is legalized through a court of law in South Carolina.