How Do You Adopt a Child in North Carolina?

How Do You Adopt a Child in North Carolina?

To adopt a child in North Carolina, select an adoption agency, submit an application, accept a home study, receive adoption placement and legalize the adoption. Adults between the ages of 21 and 65 are eligible to adopt a child in North Carolina, states

Adopting a child is one of the options available to start a family in North Carolina. To initiate an adoption process, families must begin by selecting a local adoption agency, notes AdoptUSKids. Below are the steps involved in adopting a child in North Carolina after submitting an application.

  1. Completing an adoption home study
  2. Prepare to receive a caseworker into the home. The worker will evaluate the home and determine if it is conducive for a new child. Afterward, background checks will be done. If all information is accurate, the adoption can be approved.

  3. Getting matched with a child
  4. The agency will carefully evaluate the needs of the adopting family and match them with a child who meets these needs. The family is then allowed to meet a few times with the child before being granted full custody.

  5. Legalize the adoption
  6. The adopting family must attend a court hearing in which the adoption will be officially legalized.

  7. Keep learning about parenting
  8. The Internet and various magazines provide a wealth of resources regarding how to take care of a new child. Take advantage of these resources to build stronger bonds with the child.