How Do You Adopt a Child in Minnesota?


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To adopt a child in Minnesota, check the training class requirements, apply to adopt, have a homestudy, select a child to adopt and have visitations. If the child is a good match to the parents, and vice versa, the adoption is legally finalized and the child moves into the home.

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In order to adopt a child in Minnesota from an agency:

  1. Check training requirements
  2. Many adoption agencies require parents to attend training to prepare them for raising an adopted child. Classes range between 12 and 20 hours. Inquire with agencies what their requirements are.

  3. Submit an application
  4. At the end of training, families wishing to continue the process must submit an adoption application. These typically include a physician's report, reference letters, criminal background checks, birth certificates, marriage certificates and divorce certificates.

  5. Allow a homestudy
  6. A social worker will be assigned to applicants. During the homestudy, the family should be open about strengths and weaknesses, as well as any sensitive issues. The homestudy should show that the prospective family can cope with challenges.

  7. Identify children
  8. While the homestudy is written, begin to look at potential adoptees. Children can be found through the Star Tribune waiting child column or KSTP's Thursday's Child.

  9. Visit and transition
  10. Once a child is chosen, the adoptive family learns about him or her. Visits begin at the foster home, leading up to visits at the family home.

  11. Finalize
  12. The child moves into the adoptive home. Finalization takes place in court to make the adoption legally binding.

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