How Do You Adopt a Child in Kentucky?


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Adoption in Kentucky requires that eligible adults complete thirty hours of educational group meetings, a background check and home study. To be eligible to adopt in Kentucky, single or married adults must be at least 21 years of age and state residents. Prospective adoptive parents must also evidence income adequate to meet the needs of their current family, and the family residence must provide adequate sleeping and living space for the family and the child or children to be adopted.

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Adoptive parents learn about the process and the challenges and benefits of adopting during the required series of meetings. The home study includes an inspection of the family's living situation focused on health and safety concerns, as well as space, criminal background checks and follow-up on personal references. A written narrative of the home study is then submitted for final approval of placement of a child or children for adoption.

When adopting a child who is in state custody, a three-person selection committee ultimately decides whether a child or sibling group is a good fit for a particular family. After a child is placed, the adoptive parents and Kentucky's Cabinet for Families and Children execute an adoptive placement agreement. A request to finalize the adoption is possible ninety-days following the placement.

The adoption laws of the state of Kentucky apply regardless of the type of adoption, such as private adoptions or those processed through an adoption agency.

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