How Do You Adopt a Child in Your County?


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To adopt a child in the local county, contact an adoption agency, submit an application, accept a home evaluation study and attend a court hearing to legalize the adoption. Deciding to adopt a child is often the first step and requires wide consultations with family members and adoption specialists, notes AdoptUSKids.

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Anyone between the ages of 21 and 65 is eligible to make an application for adoption. Below are some of the steps involved in the process.

  1. Find an agency and apply
  2. To achieve success, choose a reputable adoption agency to work with. Inquire about the adoption process and fill in the application form accurately. Verify the form and submit. Once approved, attend a 14-hour training aimed at evaluating the needs of the adopting family.

  3. Allow for home evaluation
  4. Welcome an adoption specialist into the home for initial evaluation of the house. Officials from other safety departments may also have to come and assess the home to determine if it meets the minimum requirements for raising a new child.

  5. Get approved
  6. The agency responsible will evaluate the information provided during application, home evaluation and the needs of the adopting family before approving the case.

  7. Attend court hearing
  8. The adopting family is required to meet the child a few times before being allowed to live together. The process ends when a judge approves the adoption.

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