What Are Some Activities for Kids on Goal Setting?

Some goal-setting activities that are a great way to teach children important skills and boost their confidence include making charts and vision boards. Young kids feel satisfaction at achieving a goal just as adults do, and there are a number of options for turning goal setting into fun activities.

One way to help children set goals and provide them with encouragement is to make some type of chart with them. A simple method, often used in schools and just as easy to use at home, is the sticker chart. Each time the child takes a step toward achieving his or her goal, a sticker is added to the chart. Variations of the sticker chart include a coloring chart, where a child colors in a square or other shape while progressing toward the goal, and a ladder chart, where a ladder is drawn with various steps toward the goal written on the rungs.

A more involved option for a goal-setting activity with older kids is making a vision board. The child can write out his or her goals on a poster, then look through magazines to find words and pictures that represent the goals. The pictures are then cut out and glued onto the poster. To make the activity a bonding experience, a parent or other role model can join in on the fun and create his or her own vision board.