What Are Some Activities That Improve Fine Motor Skills?


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Whether looking for activities to help a toddler prepare for school or rehabilitation for a stroke victim, there are many easy activities to improve fine motor skills, such as using tweezers to pick up toothpicks, stacking pennies, rolling a pencil between the thumb and fingers, and assembling nuts and bolts, suggests Stroke-Rehab.com. Other ideas include turning cards over, pinching clothespins, crumpling a sheet of paper and then flattening it, and wringing out washcloths.

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Among other areas, fine motor activities should encourage finger isolation, tripod grasp, pincer grasp and bilateral coordination, states Mama OT. One way to do this is to use play dough as a stand for uncooked spaghetti noodles. Stack Cheerios or small beads on the noodles without breaking the noodles. A similar activity is to string Cheerios onto a pipe cleaner or toothpick.

Play dough is useful for a variety of fine motor skills activities, such as pushing beads into the dough and using cookie cutters to make play dough shapes, explains Mama OT. Maneuvering items through small spaces is helpful. Examples include pushing pom poms into a water bottle, dropping marbles into holes cut into a plastic container, nudging coins through a slit in a container, and easing toothpicks through the holes in an empty spice bottle.

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