What are some activities that develop fine motor skills in children?


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Activities that help children develop fine motor skills include finger painting, transferring water from one bowl to another by filling and then squeezing out a sponge, coloring with small, broken crayons or pieces of chalk, cutting out paper dolls and stringing macaroni necklaces. Using clothes pins to pinch, grasp and move items such as feathers and picking up and transferring marbles from a small dish with a spoon are other activities that assist in the development of fine motor skills.

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Blowing bubbles and asking the child to pop the bubbles with his index finger is one of several outdoor activities that build small motor skills. This activity enhances hand-eye coordination and helps a child gain the ability to isolate and move an individual finger. Playing with sand is another outdoor option. A child builds dexterity as he moves sand between his fingers, and he builds arm strength as he pours sand between containers. Playing with squirt guns is a fun way to strengthen hand and finger muscles.

Sorting colored candies into cupcake tins, painting with mini-sponges held between the thumb and index finger, and practicing buttoning with large buttons are among other fine motor skills activities for children. Pipe cleaners are also good tools for building fine motor skills. One pipe cleaner activity involves asking the child to match buttons and pipe cleaners by color, then to slip each button onto the corresponding pipe cleaner.

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