What Are Some Activities to Do With a 4-Year-Old?


Activities to do with 4-year-olds include reading books, playing imaginative or active games, and performing simple arts and crafts, suggests JumpStart. By age four, children can often run and walk ably, communicate well, and use some fine motor skills.

Many 4-year-olds are very active, and may enjoy physical games, such as tag, Simon says, and climbing on playground equipment. These children are an age at which they can use their imaginations to create stories and games. They may enjoy pretending they are characters from stories they're familiar with, such as pirates, princesses, and superheroes.

At age four, children are often capable of drawing, or even writing letters. Coloring books are a great activity, but be sure to use crayons or colored pencils so they don't stain their skin or clothing. They might also enjoy more involved arts and crafts, such as painting/finger painting or putting beads on strings to make a necklace. If an adult is around to help, 4-year-olds may be able to assist with parts of complicated tasks, such as baking cookies or planting and caring for a seedling. Some 4-year-olds may be close to starting to read. Colorful books with simple story lines can engage such children while giving them reading practice.