What Are Some ABC Kindergarten Games?


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Initial Sound Bingo and Bean Bag Shower are two alphabet games for kindergarten students. Other ABC games include Letter Pounding, Alphabet Hop Scotch and Beach Ball Alphabet. Some board games also reinforce alphabet awareness, such as Cariboo and Scrabble Junior.

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To play Initial Sound Bingo, students begin with an empty bingo board and fill in each of the 25 squares with a simple picture that begins with a different letter of the alphabet. Each letter of the alphabet is written on a ping pong ball and then placed in a container. Someone pulls a letter and students mark any picture that begins with that letter. When a child gets five in a row, he calls Bingo and wins the game.

In Bean Bag Shower, someone writes each letter of the alphabet on a shower curtain. Children take turns tossing a bean bag onto the curtain. The child must say a word that begins with the letter on which the bean bag lands.

Letter Pounding involves giving each student a sheet of floral foam, a small pounding instrument and several wooden golf tees. The foam has all 26 letters of the alphabet written on it. Someone announces a letter or a sound associated with a letter and the children hammer a golf tee into the corresponding letter.

To play Alphabet Hopscotch, someone arranges large foam letters randomly across the floor. Each child hops across the play area, identifying each letter hopped on by either naming it or identifying a sound it makes.

In Beach Ball Alphabet, someone writes the letters of the alphabet all over an inflated beach ball. Students take turns tossing the ball to each other; when someone catches the ball, they identify the letter closest to their right thumb.

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