How Do You Help an Abandoned Baby?


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Safe-haven laws protect unwanted infants from being discarded, aborted or abandoned. Each state has safe-haven legislation in place that allows a person to drop off a baby "no questions asked" at a designated location, usually a fire station, police station or hospital's emergency room.

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  1. Inform the proper authorities

    Call 911 immediately, and follow all the directions you are given. Assess the condition of the baby. Check the baby for any signs of injury, illness or abuse. Inform the authorities at once if the baby becomes non-responsive, glassy eyed, stiff or cold in your presence. Perform CPR and life-saving measures as necessary.

  2. Provide for the immediate physical needs of the baby

    Grab a clean towel, moisten a corner with cool water, and give it to the baby to suck. Hold a cup to his mouth if he is old enough to drink. Infants dehydrate quickly. Address any open wounds or cuts. Comfort the baby, and keep him warm until authorities arrive.

  3. Assist the rescue team

    Accurately note the circumstances of the day, including exact locations and times. Provide your contact information. In most states, rescue teams are part of the safe-haven blanket. Surrender the infant and rest assured, he is in good hands.

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