What Does "xem Hinh Nguoi Ion" Mean in English?


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“Xem hinh nguoi Lon” is a Vietnamese term that translates literally to English as “see human form” and is used colloquially to mean “see adult images.” The term generally indicates a type of website aimed at Vietnamese speakers to view images and multimedia containing nudity and sexually explicit materials.

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The Vietnamese government strictly regulates Internet content and bans nudity. Despite these restrictions, there are numerous sites that depict nudity and sexual content operating illegally within the country. The government’s normal response is to block access to such sites and fine creators and hosts but enforcement is lax, as the government is more preoccupied with pursuing and monitoring social media and posts that are critical of government policy that the government views as potential threats to its authority and the overall stability of the country. Many “xem hinh nguoi lon” sites also operate offshore, especially in countries such as the United States that have large Vietnamese-speaking populations.

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