What Are Some Written Examples of Rhetorical Analysis?

A written example of a rhetorical analysis is an essay that examines the types of appeals a speaker or writer uses to gain credibility with the audience. The analysis may feature an outline of the writer's likely customs or values based on the content of his writing. The essay breaks apart a text and explains how those parts come together to create a certain effect.

There are three different types of rhetorical appeals used by speakers and writers. The first is called the pathetic appeal, when the writer or speaker wants to reach their audience on an emotional level. Examples of the pathetic appeal might outline ways to invoke feelings of sadness or anger in the audience. It also shows the writer or speaker's sense of compassion.

The second rhetorical appeal is ethical appeal. This is used when the goal is to win over the audience by establishing the writer or speaker as trustworthy or good-natured individuals. Ministers, priests and other religious leaders use this type of appeal frequently because their audiences view them as moral authorities.

The last type of rhetorical appeal is logical appeal. This is used in work that the writer or speaker has to convince the audience to accept his arguments. Writers using this type of appeal heavily rely on evidence or truth to help convince their audiences.