What Are Some Writing Activities for Middle School Classes?


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Some writing activities for middle school classes include writing a letter to the president, writing a narrative that compares and contrasts something, making a magazine or newspaper and writing a persuasive letter. Some other ideas include making a yearbook, writing poems, constructing a procedure with writing and writing a travel diary. Other writing ideas for middle school classes include writing Mad Libs, creating a folktale, creating a story map and writing about a "What If" prompt.

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Another idea is to give a middle school class a writing prompt. Some ideas for this include expository prompts, persuasive prompts, how-to prompts, descriptive prompts and narrative prompts. Age appropriate prompts for these include essays about historical figures that the middle school class is learning about, literature that is being read and current events. Photos are a great source for writing prompts, as well.

Creative writing ideas also include playing literary telephone where each student modifies an original descriptive paragraph and passes it to the next person to modify until each student has had a chance to modify it. Then, the first student reads it to see how much the paragraph has changed.

"Bait and Switch" is a writing prompt that gives students a chance to write from a perspective of two different people, often a mother or a daughter. Then, the student turns around and writes about the same subject from the other person's perspective.

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