How Do You Write Words of Appreciation in a Thank You Note?


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A thank you note should be personal, original, and heartfelt. If you like what the intended recipient has given you or done for you, write a succinct description of what you like about it. If you didn't like it, think about how you'd like to make the gift-giver feel.

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Writing a thank you note is an important way to show someone that you appreciate them. Thank you notes should be written when someone gives you a gift, invites you to a special event or does you a particular favor. Thank you notes are often written after job interviews as a way to follow up with a prospective employer.

To make your note personal, mention what you are thanking the recipient for, and try to provide a sentence or more that goes further in depth. Write about how the gift is useful to you or why you appreciate it. For a job interview, make sure to thank your interviewer for their time and touch on a topic mentioned during the interview.

Be earnest in your thank you note. Even if you did not like the gift you received or think you are unlikely to get the job for which you interviewed, a thank you note shows that you are a thoughtful, empathetic person and improves your connection with other people.

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