How Do You Write a White Paper?

How Do You Write a White Paper?

To write a white paper, tailor your content to offer expert insight into a certain area of knowledge. Write it in a narrative style using the five-level format. Use graphics and statistics to make the document sound in its integrity.

  1. Write the introduction

    Start with reasons why the reader should continue reading the paper to the end. Give as much information about the conclusion as you can without stating it outright. Provide highlights to the reader about yourself and the area under discussion.

  2. Identify the problem

    Describe the issues for which you are providing solutions. Give some background on the chosen field, and add in facts and procedures. Next, state the problem that persists. Be brief in the statement, and do not turn to jargon.

  3. Introduce the solution

    Provide the solution for the above-mentioned problem. Be outright and direct, giving appropriate information about the solution you propose and any accompanying facts such as time and resources required.

  4. Showcase your objective

    Show the reader any special traits. Give statistics and facts that support your solution. You should aim to convince the reader why it should be your solution to deal with the problem.

  5. Conclude the argument

    Write a brief summary of the above four levels by recapping all the matters you have discussed, and give the final push to encourage the reader to take the next step.