How Do You Write a Welcome Letter to Parents?


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A welcome letter to parents includes contact information, personal information, a description of the classroom, expectations and any actions the parents need to take. The welcome letter is a chance to connect with families before the school year begins so that parents and students know what to expect.

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The welcome letter should have a positive tone to establish open communication between the parents and the classroom. Including your contact information gives parents a way to communicate with you even before school starts. Families are often excited and nervous about the upcoming school year. They appreciate hearing about the teacher's life and what to expect.

Part of the expectations include the curriculum used in the classroom. Include some information about topics covered in the class and the plan for teaching those topics, such as research projects or hands-on activities. Homework expectations, including how often and what type of assignments, also help prepare families for the school year.

Action items for the families vary depending on the age and the school system. The letter might include reminders for upcoming registration deadlines or an open house at the school. The teacher might ask families to fill out a questionnaire to get more information about the students. A list of required supplies is another optional item to include in the letter.

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