How Do You Write a "welcome Back to School" Letter for a Parent With Children in Preschool?

A welcome-back letter is a great way to get parents ready to start their kids in another year of preschool. A quality letter may take 30 minutes to an hour to compose.

  1. Provide an enthusiastic salutation

    Greet parents excitedly in your opening line. Welcome them back with excitement and enthusiasm. State how much you are looking forward to working with their kids.

  2. Compare last year to the new one

    Recap what you and the kids covered in the previous year or term. Explain how those skills are going to be advanced. Discuss what the kids are to do over the course of this year and how that differs from the previous year. If there are any growing expectations for the students, this would be a good time to name them. Be sure to highlight any special events or activities, especially those coming up soon.

  3. Tell parents how you can support each other

    Let the parents know what they can do to support their kids and the class. Make sure you remind them of start and end times of the day and any policies you think need to be mentioned. Tell them how they can contact you to ask questions or express concerns. Remember to stay positive and end on a good note. Reassure them that by working together everyone can make this a great school year, and make sure you confirm again how excited you are to see them and their children.