How Do You Write a Weekly Report?

To write a weekly report, analyze matters that have taken place within the week, and record them on paper or in a computer file. Write event occurrences in detail for each entry, including statistics and brief background information.

  1. Decide on a format

    Use company data and official templates to come up with a format for the report. Ask the supervisor to instruct you about the length and formatting. Also, determine if the company requires specific information to be included in the report.

  2. Begin with a heading

    Write your name at the beginning of the report. Write down the time and the date of recording. In the next section, add the names of the people who contributed to creating the report, if applicable. Next, write the name of the department and supervisor.

  3. Introduce and elaborate on the topics

    Introduce a background paragraph about why the report was written and the means you used to gather the data. Use headings and subheadings to introduce or summarize each topic in the report.

  4. Write the conclusion

    Summarize the main points of the report, and add additional comments, including recommendations for specific actions, if needed. Proofread the document for spelling and grammar errors before submitting it to your boss.