How Do You Write or Get a Waiver-of-Liability Form?


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A waiver of liability form can be generated with an automated tool on a website such as RocketLawyer.com by filling in the requested information. The website also provides templates to use as a guide to create a completely original form without using the automated tool.

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In order to write or get a waiver of liability form, sometimes referred to as a release of liability, the writer must state details about the activity that is the subject of the release of liability, including the name of the business or individual participating in the activity, address, and a description of the activity. For example if the activity that is the subject of the waiver is a sport, a sufficient description might be “basketball."

The presence of minors be noted explicitly on the form along with identifying details about the minor. An adult must sign on any minor's behalf, grant permission to seek medical attention if needed and disclose his relationship to the minor. The form also requires emergency contacts who are not present during the activity. If a dispute arises during the activity, permission must be given to seek arbitration rather than taking the dispute to court. Finally, the waiver of liability must include the date on which the form is signed.

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