How Do You Write Useful Survey Questions?

How Do You Write Useful Survey Questions?

Writing useful survey questions involves establishing goals for the survey and constructing the questions so they're simple and easy to answer. Survey questions should also be unbiased and as comprehensive as possible.

The first step to writing useful survey questions is establishing goals. Survey makers should identify what information they want. If creating an official survey, the writers need to consider how they plan to present the answers to these questions. For example, they should consider if they're going to be making charts, graphs or simple text presentations.

Survey questions should be direct and contain simple language. Grammatical messiness and industry jargon tend to turn people off from answering survey questions. Likewise, any unfamiliar concepts should be simply explained to make answering the survey easy. Similarly, each survey question should include just one concept.

When constructing multiple choice-questions, the choices should cover all the options. However, there should be no overlap. For example, the age ranges "18 to 25, 25 to 35" are incorrect, since 25 is listed twice.

A key element of creating useful survey questions is maintaining objectivity. Language should be kept as neutral as possible. Additionally, the question should not lead respondents. For instance, if asking about the efficiency of an employee, the question shouldn't start with a statement of how efficient the employee is.