How to Write a No Trespass Letter?

When writing a no trespassing letter, it is important to first visit your local police department, as there may be a specific state-issued format your letter must abide by. The letter should be specific and factual.

  1. Know the law that is being broken

    It is important to know the exact law that is being broken. Certain states and different countries may define trespassing as something different, such as the property needing to be labeled private in order to be trespassed.

  2. Address and date the letter appropriately

    First, write the date of when the letter is to be sent out. Next, is the offender's name and the address that is off limits to him.

  3. Detail the recipient's actions and the consequences of them

    Next, write a brief, detailed explanation of what trespassing is, how the recipient has committed such a crime and what he must do to avoid penalty. This information is often contained in the official state statute. Next, write a clear statement regarding the consequences of further infractions, this often includes notifying the police and pressing charges.

  4. Sign the letter and send through certified mail

    Finally, date and sign the letter. No trespassing letters should come from someone who appropriately represents the property, such as the owner or manager. Send the letter through certified mail and keep the receipt.