How Do You Write a Treatment Plan?


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To write a treatment plan, medical professionals must meet with the patient and identify goals to improve health, according to WebMD. A treatment plan includes the patient's diagnosis, ability to improve health, and initiatives the physician and patient plan to take to move toward recovery.

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A treatment plan is designed to help the patient stay on-track with treatments, explains WebMD. Treatment plans can be written for patients with any type of illness or upon discharge from a medical facility. Treatment plans include types of medication the patient must take, orders for physical or occupational therapy, and self-care such as stretching or refraining from certain types of food or beverages.

Treatment plans are written by qualified medical professionals who are overseeing a patient's recovery, according to WebMD. The plan may include input from a treatment team consisting of physicians, nurses, case managers, psychologists or case managers. Medical professionals must obtain vital information from patients prior to completing a treatment plan. For example individuals with alcohol abuse may be asked questions about health problems, drinking, living situations or work to determine if the patient has the needed support to regain a sober lifestyle. Some individuals receive a treatment plan at a physician's office while others may receive a plan upon discharge from a mental health, rehabilitation or alcohol recovery facility.

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