How to Write Treasure Hunt Clues?


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Treasure hunt clues can be written by scrambling the letters of a clue, can be hidden in a word search and can be written using rhymes. The people who are hunting for the treasure will then have to work to solve these small puzzles before they are able to find the place where the treasure is.

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The letters that make up the clue of the treasure hunt can be scrambled by taking apart the word and adding extra letters. The words can also be mixed up individually by moving the words into a different sentence structure. For example, the letter X can be added to the words and the treasure hunter can be asked to remove the Xs to find the clue.

Words that make up a clue can be placed into a small word hunt. Random letters can be added on top of the word and on the sides of the word to make the word hunt. The person writing the treasure clues should be sure not to mix up the words when making a word search.

A good clue for a treasure hunt is to put words that rhyme with the clue location on a piece of paper. Be sure that the treasure hunter knows that he or she is looking for something that rhymes with the word that is written down.

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