How Do You Write a Training Manual?

write-training-manual Credit: Image Source/Digital Vision/Getty Images

To write a training manual, identify the target audience that needs training. Then, identify the objectives the audience will need to master and continue on to writing the manual.

A training manual written to an audience that consists of mostly employees may be enhanced by including information about the company. The manual will be more effective if it is targeted with information the trainee will actually use. For example, some employees may only need to use certain components of a product or access certain levels of it. Tailoring the manual to include instructions for those components or levels will aid in helping the trainee learn, comprehend and remember the information.

The level of detail in the instructions is also something to consider. One may choose to give a basic overview of the rules in a step-by-step format or to go into more detail. Images help illustrate concepts and should be considered when writing a manual. Some common examples of images include graphs, charts, stock art and photographs.

When writing the text, keep wording as simple as possible. Use full names before referring to nouns in acronyms, and avoid slang or jargon.

Finally, have someone in the company proofread the manual to ensure it can be read and understood by those in the industry.