How Do You Write a Thank-You Speech?

How Do You Write a Thank-You Speech?

Write a thank you speech by making opening remarks, thanking people for their specific work or contributions and summarizing the information in the conclusion. Be memorable, set the right tone and keep the speech short for best results.

  1. Start with an opening

    Begin a thank you speech with an introduction. Include a short story to draw in the audience. Mention the reason for the speech, and give a summary of the events that led up to the speech. Start with the right tone by remembering who the audience is and why they are there.

  2. Offer specific comments of gratitude to people involved

    Start with the people who played the most important role and deserve the most thanks. Explain what they did and why it mattered. Make sure all names are pronounced correctly. Be creative or humorous in explaining the importance of the help you received. For example, say "Thanks for keeping me sane when our numbers were constantly off!" List groups of people who had the same contribution, such as saying "Lisa, Billy, Jean and Anne, thanks for keeping me in coffee while we worked!"

  3. End with a summary

    Summarize the body of the speech in your conclusion. Acknowledge all who helped, and repeat feelings of gratitude. Consider ending with a quote about thankfulness, such as " 'No duty is more urgent than that of returning thanks' and I do thank you all."