How do you write a thank you letter for an interview?


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When writing a thank-you letter after a job interview, express your appreciation, refer to details discussed during the interview and include any important information you forgot to mention. Decide whether to hand write the letter, print it out or send it by email.

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  1. Decide how to send the thank-you letter

    Professional thank-you letters are usually printed out. This method is formal but less immediate than other methods, so write and post the printed letter on the same day as the interview. Emailed thank-you notes are appropriate if you already have an e-mail relationship with the interviewer. Handwritten notes are only appropriate where a personal relationship exists.

  2. Write the thank-you letter

    If you are attending multiple job interviews, create a template to use for each thank-you note. Open the basic thank-you letter with an expression of appreciation for taking the time to conduct the interview. Express your enthusiasm for the potential job, referring specifically to things discussed during the interview. Reiterate points you made during the interview to remind the interviewer why you are a good fit.

  3. Add anything you forgot to mention

    If you forgot to mention a specific point during the interview, use the thank-you letter to do so. Close the letter by making yourself available for further questions. Provide your contact information, and thank the interviewer once again.

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