How Do You Write a Thank-You Letter?

How Do You Write a Thank-You Letter?

How Do You Write a Thank-You Letter?

Write a thank-you letter by writing a friendly note that includes a subject of thanks in the body of the letter. You need the recipient’s address, writing paper and a pen. Use your best handwriting, and check the letter carefully for spelling and grammar mistakes.

  1. Format the heading

    Line the heading up with the right margin at the top of the page. Write the recipient’s address on the first line, and their city and state on the second line. Under that, write the date.

  2. Write the salutation

    Skip one line from the heading, and write the salutation on that line. Line it up with the left margin of your paper. Write "Dear [Recipient]," followed by a comma.

  3. Write the body

    Skip one line from the salutation, and align the beginning of the body with the left margin. The first sentence should include the words “Thank you for [gift].” Continue to express your appreciation for the gift in the second sentence, and include how the gift benefits you. Add a personal note in the next few sentences.

  4. Write the closing

    Skip another line, and align the closing with the left margin. Use a closing word that is appropriate to your relationship with the recipient. Follow the word with a comma. Sample closing words include “With Thanks,” “Love” or “Best Regards.”

  5. Write the signature

    Sign your name directly under the closing statements.