How Do You Write a Thank-You Letter for Attending an Event?

write-thank-letter-attending-event Credit: Morgan/CC-BY 2.0

When writing a thank you letter to someone for attending an event, it is important to address the recipient personally, as well as give an example of his contribution to the event. The letter should be one paragraph in length.

  1. Address the letter appropriately

    Address the letter as you would any letter. Align your information on the right, such as your full name and address. Next, also on the right side of the letter, include the date. Finally, on the left side of the letter, write the recipient's name and address.

  2. Include a subject and salutation

    If a subject is used, the subject should summarize the intention of the letter. It is important for the salutation to be written personally to the recipient. Avoid writing "to whom it may concern," or "Greetings!"

  3. Write the body of the letter and sign

    The content of the letter should be specific and concise. Immediately describe your reason for the letter; include important dates and the name of the event itself. It is also important to include a reason as to why you are thanking the recipient. This may be a simple statement, or you may go into detail. Finally, sign your name and, if appropriate, your title.