How Do You Write a Testimonial Speech?

In order to write a testimonial speech or a tribute speech, create a speech outline that includes an opening, a body and a closing while paying tribute to the subject of the testimonial through compliments, thanks or anecdotes. Testimonial speeches offer a personal account of the speech's subject.

In order to write a testimonial speech:

  1. Create a speech outline
  2. The outline for a testimonial speech includes the opening, the body and the conclusion. The opening is introduction of the speaker. The body of the speech is the essence of the speech and includes paying tribute to the subject, sharing stories in a thoughtful, humorous or emotional way and thanking or complimenting the subject. The culmination of the speech is the closing. Depending on the occasion, the closing can include a closing statement that sums up the body or a toast to the subject in a celebratory setting, such as a wedding.

  3. Draft the speech
  4. Using the outline as a guide, exchange the outline point to a full sentence. Proceed with the first draft and revise until the speech is conveying the intention and is satisfactory after practicing the draft aloud.

  5. Get feedback and revise
  6. Ideally, practice the speech on an impartial audience to get feedback. Revise the speech based on feedback regarding content, humor, audience appropriateness, speech length and errors.