How Do You Write a Test Plan Document?


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A writer must know or develop the criteria for testing a product such as the scope, limitations, objectives, deadlines and risks when writing a test plan document. The document should also detail the test strategy, the test environment, the allocation of resources involved and the expected results of the test.

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After analyzing a product, determine the scope of the test; for software, decide if a computer’s hardware plays a part in the test. Find out the specific needs of the consumer, and choose a method of testing that addresses them. Standard tests include a unit test, system test, API test and integration test.

The purpose of a test plan document is to share the methods and standards of a software or website test with large teams, including programmers and designers. Outlining details covering each aspect of the test clarifies the scope and limits of the test. Include logistical information about who performs the test and where it takes place. Explain the risks and issues involved with the test and the objective of the test with the report.

Professional testing services provide free templates for writing test plan documents. The easy-to-use documents show step-by-step examples and explain all the aspects of the outline.

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