How Do You Write a Teacher Observation?

When writing a teacher observation report, first summarize the lesson or the day observed, an observation of the behavior of the children, and the relationship between the teacher and the kids in the classroom. Next, describe the quality of the work produced by students, including group work, board work or class discussions.

Describe the teacher's effectiveness at teaching the lessons, making the content relevant to the age of the students and overall understanding of the material taught. Include a section concerning how prepared the teacher was to answer questions about the lesson plans, such as whether the standards for education are included in her plan or if there are good transitions between the different parts of the lesson. Describe whether the teacher stayed on task or went off topic, and if she had an end goal for the lessons presented. Explain whether it appeared that the teacher understood the material before explaining it to the students. Include an observation about whether the teacher kept the students engaged in the materials.

When observing, take copious notes about each part of the lesson or day. Review the teacher's lesson plans, and summarize them. Make note of any disciplinary actions taken and whether they were adequate or necessary. Keep track of any strengths or weaknesses the teacher presents. Include a section that has suggestions for improving weakness, but that also praises the teacher's strengths.