How Do You Write a Teacher Introduction Letter to Parents?

When writing a teacher introduction letter to parents, teachers should share their teaching philosophy, objectives for the year and some of the specific yearlong programs that will be utilized and welcome parents to play an active role in their child's education. Teachers must also keep in mind that all parents are different and not all parents will have the time or the interest to read a long, lengthy letter. Teachers should keep the letter length to approximately one page, and use concise language.

Employing several steps can help parents to feel comfortable with the teacher as they read the letter.

Step 1: Introduction

The teacher should share his or her name and explain his or her position at the school. The teacher should also share a few of his or her qualifications.

Step 2: Teaching philosophy and yearly objectives

Teachers should share their teaching philosophies in the classroom as well as the objectives they intend to achieve in the classroom during the year.

Step 3: Specific yearlong programs

Parents will need to understand what programs will be used throughout the year with their children, so teachers should briefly discuss or identify programs such as "Do the Math" or "Accelerated Reader."

Step 4: Parent's active role

Invite parents to play an active role in their child's education, and mention or discuss the reasons why the parent's role is important when it comes to learning. Try not to be overtly "preachy," but do share simple statistics.

Step 5: Share contact details

To close off the letter, share contact details with the parents. Include an e-mail and phone number. Then, sign the letter in a sincere yet professional manner. To get even more out of your letter to parents, attach a small questionnaire they can fill out so you can get to know the students better. This can include questions about the child's individual learning style and any accommodations the child might need to excel.