How Do You Write a Sweet Romantic Love Poem?


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Writing a romantic poem requires the organization of several elements, some of which include emotions, comparisons, beginnings, tones and patterns. All poetic elements should be contemplated thoroughly before the poem is written.

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How Do You Write a Sweet Romantic Love Poem?
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Organize different elements before writing a romantic poem. Start with emotions, think about the feelings the subject of the poem gives you and write them down. You can also reminisce about the first time you met the person or your first date with them, and jot a few special memories about that moment on paper. Make use of comparisons during the brainstorming process, such as how your life has changed since the poem's subject entered your life.

The next step is to actually write the poem. Do not censor or edit yourself during this process; just write the poem as thoughtfully as possible, and use the information you wrote down as inspiration.

The last step is to edit the poem. Besides traditional editing checkpoints like grammar and spelling, be sure to look at tone and pattern consistency. The tone is open to the writer's preference, but for a romantic poem it should convey love or passion. Patterns and rhyme schemes are not mandatory, but you can use one if a natural pattern flows during the writing process. Above all, ensure the poem accurately expresses how you feel about the subject.

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