How Do You Write a Suspension Letter?

write-suspension-letter Credit: Toshiyuki IMAI/CC-BY-SA 2.0

When writing a suspension letter, it is important to be straightforward, be clear in reasons for suspension, outline the terms, and personally sign the letter. A suspension letter is often issued to an employee due to poor job performance, but the actions taken must follow the company's rules and regulations.

  1. Inform the recipient of his suspension

    It is important to avoid lecturing or guilting the recipient. Suspension letters are formal notices that inform the employee that he is not to attend work for a specified period of time. Clearly state when the circumstances occurred, and be respectful and straightforward.

  2. Restate the reason for suspension in detail

    Detail the events that led up to the employee's suspension. List the company policies and regulations that were broken and any similar incidents, if applicable.

  3. Outline the terms of suspension

    It is important to state the consequences of the suspension, such as whether the employee will receive payment or not and the date he is expected to return to work. Be sure to understand the company's rules and regulations on matters of suspension, as certain actions may go against company policy.

  4. Offer contact information, and personally sign the letter

    Write contact information in the event the employee has any questions. Finally, personally sign the letter to demonstrate its seriousness.