How Do You Write a Successful Grant Application?

How Do You Write a Successful Grant Application?

Grants applications seeking funds for education, research or projects are most successfully written by researching possible grant opportunities, the pool of competitive grants and requesting the grant guidelines before preparing, writing and submitting the grant application. Following the guidelines of the specific grant ensures consideration and having multiple grant applications pending can increase the odds of success, reports the Guardian.

In order to write a successful grant application:

  1. Request and follow the application guidelines
  2. Request guidelines, annual reports and other pertinent information from the grantmaker. This information can sometimes be found online. Some information is strictly adhered to rules and some guidelines are meant to provide information to assist with the grant's mission and eligibility considerations.

  3. Prepare grant submissions
  4. Having a balance of submissions helps alleviate the need to miss out on multiple opportunities without having to substitute quality for quantity. Leave plenty of time to prepare the application. Meet the guidelines and concisely provide necessary information while avoiding fluff and jargon. Do not send more than what the organization requests, advises Guidestar.

  5. Get feedback
  6. The feedback from peers and other experienced grant writers can provide insights into improvement and helpful suggestions. Choosing someone who may not be familiar with the research or project can help provide comments that would otherwise be taken for granted. Networking and participating in funding panels can also assist with expectations and successful submissions.