How Do You Write a Student Profile?

To write a student profile, find a subject, set up an interview with the student, prepare for the interview, hold the interview, transcribe or type up the recorded interview, choose the most important quotes and information for the student profile, and arrange the angle, details and quotes into a cohesive story. Fact check and proofread the story before submitting it.

If a student hasn't been assigned as the subject of the profile, brainstorm to think of a student with an interesting story in his life. Consider an angle for the story. To prepare for the interview, choose a device or pen and paper for recording the interview. Write down a list of interview questions. Ask questions that prompt answers that reveal the student's background, personality, character, interests, hobbies and story, depending on the story's angle. After the interview, choose other people to interview, such as friends, teachers, coaches or family members.

After all of the interviews have been transcribed, highlight the most important and interesting parts. Write an outline to create a structure for the story based on the quotes and interesting aspects of the interview. Put the story in context. Check the accuracy of details in the story, such as the spelling of names, dates, grade levels, titles and positions. Proofread the story at least once before submitting it.