How Do You Write a Student Council Speech?

How Do You Write a Student Council Speech?

A student council speech is generally 1-2 minutes long and contains an introduction, a body and a conclusion. The introduction usually contains information on the candidate, while the body informs the audience of his or her goals. The conclusion restates and summarizes the speech.

  1. Write an interesting introduction

    It is important for the introduction to hook the audience. Begin with a rhetorical question or a simple statement as an ice breaker that also sets the foundation for the rest of the speech. Follow it by briefly touching on who the candidate is, the position the candidate is campaigning for, and what the candidate is going to do in the student council. Conclude the introduction with a brief summary of the candidate's expertise; this should be relevant to his or her goals.

  2. Explain goals in detail

    Transition into the body of the speech, and explain the main idea to the audience. Clearly inform the audience of what the candidate wants to achieve and how he or she plans to do it. Discuss the benefits and reasons why he or she is the best candidate to accomplish it.

  3. Restate and summarize the speech

    The conclusion should touch on everything previously stated. Summarize the goals and benefits, and restate who the candidate is and the position for which he or she is running. End the speech with a statement or question similar to the one asked in the beginning of the speech.