How Do You Write a Statement of Purpose?

How Do You Write a Statement of Purpose?

To write a statement of purpose, shape your words to reflect your interest in a particular institution where you wish to apply. Write the statement by introducing yourself, defining your motives for attending and explaining what you wish to achieve from the experience.

  1. Write the introduction

    Start the statement with a general description about yourself. Include your full name, age and interests in brief points. Avoid going into too much detail, as this section is only meant to inform the reader of your background.

  2. Describe your academics

    Write about your academic experience at your previous institute. Mention the research papers that you have worked on by yourself or with other people. Include other scholarly activities that you have participated in outside your curriculum.

  3. Show relationships and interests

    Show the relationship between the work that you have conducted and the subjects you want to study at the institute. Add the names of the teaching faculty and specific departments of interest. Define how you would use the experience to make further progress in your career.

  4. Review the statement

    Give your statement a final look after you have completed it. Make sure it follows a logical progression and contains no spelling or grammatical errors.