How Do You Write a Standard Operating Procedure?


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To write a standard operating procedure, or SOP, outline all the tasks to be included in the document, write an introduction, describe how to achieve each task, fix any mistakes and write the final draft. Making copies of the SOP and distributing them to potential users complete this process.

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The outline helps you remember every task you intend to include in the SOP. Write a list of all the tasks you plan to accomplish in the outline. Once you have outlined all the tasks, introduce the SOP to its potential users. In the introduction, be sure to address the users directly and describe the content of the SOP briefly to them. Mention the benefits of using the SOP, and advise them of the best way to apply the SOP.

Once the introduction is in place, list and discuss each task one after the other in the order in which they appear in the outline. Under each task, list and describe in detail the steps that should be taken to accomplish the task, taking care to ensure clarity and conciseness. To fix the mistakes, allow a person such as an employee to read the completed SOP, use his feedback to correct erroneous areas of the SOP, and then write the final draft.

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