How Do You Write a Standard Application Letter for a Personal Loan?

A standard application letter for a personal loan should include the reason for the loan, how and when you plan to pay the loan back, and a brief description of who you are. The tone and structure of a standard application letter should be professional and concise.

  1. Write contact information

    The lender's name and address should be written in the right margin, followed by your name and address in the left. Begin the letter with a cordial greeting.

  2. Provide reasoning for the loan

    Lenders often require a specific purpose for the loan application. It is important that you consider this purpose before writing the letter, as it plays a large role in the lender's decision. He may want to make sure that the loan is not going to be used for any illegal activities. State the exact amount needed and why.

  3. Set a deadline to pay back the loan

    The lender often wants a committed date by which the loan will be repaid in full with interest. In the letter, provide the lender with your approximate disposable income to show you have the means to meet the deadline.

  4. Introduce yourself

    Finally, provide the lender with a brief description of yourself, such as positive characteristics, borrowing history, employment and academic achievements.