How Do You Write a Speech for a Special Occasion?

write-speech-special-occasion Credit: Fuse/Fuse/Getty Images

Speech Topics Help advises that a speech written for a special occasion must have a clear connection with the unique purpose of the occasion. Additionally, the speech must be informational and entertaining.

Grace Fleming of About explains that every speech contains three primary sections: the introduction, body and conclusion. She states that a speech must be written to keep the audience’s attention. This means that a speech must have a little color, drama, humor and "flair" to keep things interesting and attention grabbing.

Speech Topics Help explains that the key to finding the right topics for a special speech is to address the important questions related to the event. First, a speaker has to determine the purpose of the event and the general goal of his special occasion speech. Next, he must decide whether he wants to praise or celebrate. If the speech is in honor of another person, it helps to highlight the life and works of the said person. Tribute speech topics aim to stimulate and reinforce the sentiments of admiration and excitement of the audience. Eulogies praise the virtues and character of a deceased person, and commemorative orals strengthen the values of a person, institution or group. Other crucial considerations include the length, time and place of the speech. If it is an extemporaneous speech, Speech Topics Help recommends that speakers prepare some notes with keywords.