How Do You Write a Speech When Running for Class President?

Write a speech when running for class president by making extensive notes, meeting with appropriate administrators and faculty, developing a theme for the speech, and then filling the speech with experiences, qualifications, and your specific platform. The speech should be a combination of informative and entertaining to help you stick out in the minds of your prospective voters.

Begin by creating extensive notes for your speech. This includes leadership experiences, past accomplishments and volunteer work. Next, make notes of problems you have noticed around the school and some potential solutions to those problems. Afterward, schedule meetings with appropriate administrators and faculty to discuss the viability of these solutions.

When writing the speech itself, attempt to tie your past experiences, accomplishments and work to the role of school president. The speech should revolve around a specific theme that itself revolves around a specific slogan. An example of this is Barack Obama's original "Change we can believe in" campaign slogan.

Begin the speech with an attention-getting statement, joke or appropriate quotation. Thank people for their attendance, and summarize the issues your speech addresses and the theme that ties it together. Next, offer your specific experiences and qualifications and why they make you an ideal candidate. Outline the problems and solutions from your notes, and conclude by rewording your summary, thanking your audience, and explicitly asking for their vote. End the speech with your chosen slogan.